How far in advance do we need to book our date?
As soon as possible really. It's not uncommon that I'm booked a year in advance and since I only photograph one wedding per day It's a first come first served kind of thing. 


Where can we find your pricing?
Read more here and send me a booking inquiry telling me about your plans and wished and I'll get back to you with my pricing. 


How many photos do we get?
This of course depends on how many hours I get to follow along. Simply put you get all the images that are needed to tell your story but if you want a real number I deliver approximately 50 fully edited images per covered hour which equals about 600 images for a full day wedding. 


You show a lot of black and white photos, do we get color as well?
I know, I know! I find it so hard not to let my endless love for black and white photography completely take over. I'd say I deliver approximately 70% color and 30% black and white from a full wedding. However if you share my love for black and white and want them all without color (dream, email me asap) I'd happily shoot it all in BW.


How do you work during a wedding day?

I'm not a big fan of posing and prefer to capture real moments and emotions. Except during portraits I like to work discreetly with a documentary approach so that you can relax and enjoy your day without turning it all into a photoshoot, and of course so your images turn out as genuine as possible!


Are we allowed to share our photos on social media?
Of course! You are free to use and share your images however you like for private use.


What happens if your camera breaks?
No problem! I always carry two camera bodies so if one would fail I go on shooting with my backup like nothing happened!


Panic! What do we do if it rains?
If you're planning an outdoor wedding I'd recommend to have a solid plan B in case of rain. But of course we can create magical images even in the rain! In case of crazy downpour we'll just shoot indoors or under a roof. 

Frequently asked questions
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