Rangefinder 30 Rising Star of Wedding Photography 2018

Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars 2018

Alright here comes a sentence I didn’t dare to even dream about ever writing. I’m absolutely stoked to announce that I was selected by the New York based Rangefinder Magazine as one of ‘30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’ 2018.

When I got the email back in July saying I was nominated, amongst about 300 other emerging photographers worldwide, I cried. The nomination alone was such an achievement, and never in a million years did I think I’d actually make it on the list. I was truly humbled just to have been nominated. So when I received the final result that read “You are a Rangefinder 30 Rising Star of Wedding Photography in 2018!!!!!” back in September (yes, I’ve had to keep this a secret since) I was absolutely speechless. Thrilled, humbled and thankful doesn’t even begin to describe by gratitude.

Seeing the full list today, finding out that I share this honor with some of my long time favourite photographers such as Tomislav and Lara of Marcijus Weddings and Monica Leggio, makes me even more proud. And then there’s the fact that I’m not only the youngest but also the only Scandinavian photographer on the list. I’m simply lost for words.

Danilo & Sharon, I know you were the ones nominating me — I am forever grateful! To the jury at Rangefinder Magazine — I love you! And most importantly to all you lovely people who have trusted me to document your weddings — Thank you thank you thank you!

To view my selection of winning images, head over to RF.

I’m off to pop some bottles! Much love! xx

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